First Message

A very first message
Holds a beginning so sweet
An end yet to meet

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Love me

Love me
brutally and honest.
Raw and fierce.
It is the only reality,
that will bring me peace.

Forever mine

Drown me
in your never ending lust,
where I can fill my lungs with treasure
and melt its gold into your sculpture
forever to be mine.

Forever Shut

My heart shattered
when I found you,
little innocent soul
soaked by the rain
and coated in mud
waiting by a door,
forever shut.


I’ve officially reached the point where
suffering can no longer be evolved into art.
I’ve reached the point where
the emptiness is so strong,
literally nothing can enhance me
into writing down exactly how I feel.
Into the abyss I lost myself
and I can no longer chant
words that used to come out as smoothly as
a summernoon heat melting the sunscreen off my skin.
Not only have I lost the inspiration,
I have lost my soul beyond anything I could ever imagine.
Lost in the dark,
where the only light is nothing more than

Without Him

The shadow fogs so tight
“Darling are you alright?”
she asks as she weeps,
since there is nothing she ever keeps.
All must be thrown far far away
For her to realize that even without him
She’ll be okay.

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