You are the reason why my world became less grey.
And all I wished for was for you to stay,
But as time ran faster than ourselves
I decided to put our story on the shelves.
And everyone always told me to let you fall,
I hung on and made myself tall.
Scared to fall back into sorrow,
I accepted you entirely and hollow.
But hey, we all have our secret sides
Those who eventually turn into secret lives.
As much as I loved you more than anything ever
I always felt we would turn into never.
You, who always told me you loved me back,
Decided to turn me into the biggest ever wreck.
As you finally revealed yourself to me,
I wished this would never be.
Our love was reflected by the sun
From then on my soul began to run.
I realized that everything was just an illusion
Which came forth from the biggest confusion.
You told me you never felt happy as yourself
That you always wanted to be someone else.
And no matter how much I tried
Everytime you spoke, I cried.
In that very eyeblink I wished that you lied.
Knowing you always did,
But the truth that you really hid.
Broke through like a wildfire.
I am so sorry that I couldn’t save your soul
Your past had corrupted you til the core.
And your escape was the conqueror,
You wished not be the emperor.
You wished to be the Queen
And something so dominant,
How could I never have seen?


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