About me


Hello everyone

I’m currently 19 years old and female. My real name is Shannon, though I prefer to go by the artist name ‘Quinox‘. Or more like S.A Quinox (coming from my full name Shannon Allemeersch). The name comes from ‘Equinox‘, as in the time in September and March where nighttime is equal to daytime. It was once said that the Equinox would predict the end of the world. It also consists ‘Nox‘, the Goddess of the night. I found it a beautiful strong sounding name, so I went with it :).
I love to write stories, poems (also Japanese Haiku), and edit Manga/Anime video’s on Youtube. I’m not the best at anything I create but it’s the thought of me being able to share my feelings that counts for me.
I must warn you though, I suffer from depression and I guarantee you that a lot of my work will consist feelings of sadness. If by any chance you think it will trigger you into feeling sad, please don’t read.

Feel free to ask anything! I’ll answer gladly :).

~ Quinox


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