One Sentence #07

You ripped yourself apart and destroyed us from the start.


Caged Beasts

I’m sorry for my madness
I’m sorry for letting you in
Immediately I scared you away
Caged beasts always win.


This razorblade is oh so small,
I wish I could just end it all.
A lot of blood drops as I fall.
Into death I wish to crawl.

Paranoid Love

Oh my paranoid love
I’m so sorry for your suffering.
Your mind isn’t slightly slumbering.
Even worse, quite the opposite.
You watch me die before it happens.
You hear the ice before it’s cracking.
But nothing is quite as insane
As watching the world go up in flames
and be the only person
to witness this poison.

Daily Struggle

I can’t get up today
I’m guessing in bed I’ll stay.
My body feels so numb
These limbs feel like junk.
Please help me rise myself
Back upon the ground.
For I have lost my feet
Swirling around.
My mind has left again,
this was not the plan.
I crash upon the floor,
head bumped against the door.
My mind has finally awoken
and it has clearly spoken.
Upon my feet I struggle
as my mind begins to chuckle.
“Weak is what you are”
As it continued to roar.
“Fine” I say,
in bed, I’ll stay.


Please don’t judge a flower
for being torn through the winter.
Please don’t judge the sun
for not rising earlier.
Please don’t judge the light
for shining way too bright.
But most importantly,
please don’t judge a soul
for crashing through its life
for it has lived many centuries
and carries many scars
just like the little flower
battling it’s own demise.

Love me now

Please love me now
before all life begins to fade
before all flowers begin to wither.
But more importantly,
before the sun begins to rise,
as then and only then,
in the night you’ll learn
to love me whole.

A Thousand Masks

A thousand masks
stuck upon your dirtied face,
scared of every truth you drown in an ocean of lies, hoping you would never have to surface. But what a bummer it is, since even the biggest of fish
need to breathe.

Her love, her suicide

She eats guns
but fires roses.
She drinks poison
but offers you cherries.
It must be some kind of mystery
how she always inhales Hell
and exhales Heaven.
Maybe it’s her kind of love
and her type of suicide.

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